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photoassociation, trilobite-like Rydberg molecules, rubidium, ultracold diatomic molecules, triplet states

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William C. Stwalley

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Edward E. Eyler

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Winthrop W. Smith

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Open Access


I demonstrate the formation of rubidium dimers via photoassociation and spontaneous emission at short internuclear distances. This short-range photoassociation allows the formation of deeply bound molecules, including, for instance, the lowest rovibrational level of the lowest triplet state: a(0,0). This particular state is interesting because it is metastable against radiative decay, and possibly long-lived in optical and/or magnetic traps. In a second experiment, I demonstrate the population of trilobite-like excited states of Rb2. Trilobite-like states are bound by an unusual chemical bond, and can have large physical dimensions and electric dipole moments. I demonstrate the population of these states through the ultraviolet excitation of weakly bound molecules. By using the same ultraviolet excitation scheme, I place a new upper-bound on the minimum energy required to ionize 85Rb2 molecules.